Welsh Fire Break Lockdown

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The Colwyn Bay Hearing Practice will remain open during the fire break lockdown period and continue to operate under our strict protocols we have in place. Please call o1492 540000 to go through our triage process or email advice@colwynbayhearing.co.uk to receive our triage form.

Rocket Meeting Room M-SParc Gearwen Anglesey

New Hearing Care Clinic Anglesey North Wales

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You can now get excellent independent hearing care on the Isle of Anglesey /Ynys Mon. 

We are a long established Hearing Care Company established by Michael Dowling in 1961 providing a friendly caring person centred approach offering the latest hearing aid technology on a risk free home trial prior to the purchase of any hearing system to ensure you have the best solution possible and that it works for you.

Microsuction Colwyn bay hearing Practice

A comprehensive earwax removal service mainly using the micro suction technique and other dry removal methods can be performed, we can also adopt the irrigation method depending on each individual case.



otoscopic examination of the earsWe provide a hearing screening and full diagnostic hearing assessments using the latest equipment and a variety of different test can be used to ascertain a person particular hearing loss and hearing requirements.





All our hearing aids provide on a risk free home trial to ensure the right solution for you, we use every manufacture available giving us access to a huge range of  technology and styles to cover most hearing losses and requirements with our focus on providing very discreet and easy to use hearing aids.

Technology has improved massively so its quite apt that our clinic is being held at the Science Park has modern hearing instruments are packed with advanced processing chipsets using Bluetooth connectivity lithium ion rechargeable batteries so no more changing batteries and smart phone connectivity as well as streaming from TV and other media devices all of which available on our risk free trial.  Our first clinic will on September 1st 2020 and we are excited about bringing our range of services to a planned fortnightly clinic at a meeting room in M-SParc Menai Science Park, Gaerwen LL60 6AG


Services on offer will be:_

  • Microsuction Earwax Removal (We are fully trained and experienced in all methods of earwax removal)
  • Video otoscopy (view your own ear canals and eardrum and also see what earwax is present before and after ear wax removal)
  • Hearing Assessments
  • Risk Free Hearing Aid Trials  of any hearing aid technology prior to purchase
  • Rechargeable Hearing Aids
  • Tinnitus Management
  • Custom Made Bespoke Swim/Surf Noise & Leisure Plugs

 To book an appointment please call 01492 540000 or email advice@colwynbayhearing.co.uk 

Please Note:- Covid-19 Protocols and triage system in place prior to booking your appointment. 

Remote Hearing Care

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Please get in touch if you need help with your Hearing Aids, we may be closed for face to face appointments, however I can still deliver batteries and carry out maintenance and repair service handled in a safe manner with right precautions and social distancing measures.

Also many of the more recent Hearing aid models support remote or tele care technology that allows online consultations and adjustments to be made.

Please call 01492 540000 or email advice@colwynbayhearing.co.uk

We are here for you, we have not forgotten you.

Take care stay safe and well.

Adrian Dowling Practice owner and Audiologist

Lovely comment posted

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“Went to practice today and I only rang this morning. I have been nearly deaf in one ear for 6 weeks . This was after air travel, blocked Eustachian tubes and a plug of wax. Dr’s appointments x 2 over last two weeks, initially gave antibiotics and then suggested ear wax softening drops. Dr then said book for nurse to syringe ear. I did so but appointment was for 10 days ahead. Appointment due today with nurse and the surgery cancelled it. So I rang this practice, arrived had coffee, was taken into very clean surgery room. Ears examined with scope so I could see inside (gross !!) but both ears looked gross not just one as said by Dr. A few minutes later micro suction both ears, not painful and then followed by water (spa) wash in the worse ear. Then a miracle I could hear and when I spoke it was so loud. I cannot thank Adrian enough . Well worth coming to a very professional practice.”

Antoinette Bewley

Hearing Aid Users Experience Increased Quality Of Life

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Surveys from Europe show that most hearing aid users experience increased quality of life. The surveys also found that people who use hearing aids tend to be less depressed, less exhausted in the evenings and that they sleep better than non-users.

80-93% of those who use hearing aids say that hearing aids improve their quality of life either regularly or occasionally. This is shown by studies from Germany, the United Kingdom, France and Switzerland.

In Switzerland, 93% of users say that hearing aids regularly or occasionally improve their quality of life. In France, it is 86%. In the United Kingdom and Germany, it is 81% and 80% respectively, which means that hearing aids regularly or occasionally improve their quality of life.

When asked about the positive impacts using hearing aids can have, the hearing aid users pointed to improvements in communication effectiveness, participating in group activities, relationships at home and sense of safety.

Less depressed
The surveys show that the hearing aid users tend to be less depressed than the hearing impaired non-users.

Less exhausted in the evenings
Compared to hearing aid non-owners with significant hearing loss, hearing aid users in the surveys generally felt less exhausted in the evenings.

Hearing aid users tend to sleep better
The surveys also found that people who use hearing aids tend to sleep better than non-users. More hearing aid users answered “Yes” to the question “Are you generally satisfied with the quality of your sleep?” than the non-users in the survey with the most significant hearing losses.

Don’t make fun of hearing aids
In the surveys, 89% of the hearing aid owners said that they don’t think people make fun of them because of their hearing aids. This is compared to 35% of those with hearing loss who do not use hearing aids who felt people make fun of them because of their hearing loss.

Four EuroTrak surveys
The figures come from four EuroTrak surveys carried out in 2015 by EHIMA (European Hearing Instrument Manufactures Association) in Germany, the United Kingdom, France and Switzerland.

In each country, between 14,000 and 15,000 people participated in the survey. EHIMA’s EuroTrak surveys were carried out in cooperation with the Swiss analysis firm Anovum.

Source: hear-it.org European Hearing Instrument Manufactures Association: www.ehima.com