The safety, health and well-being of our staff and patients is of absolute importance to us. Our clinic is open and follows strict safety measures in accordance with Government requirements and professional guidelines. 

When you call to make your appointment we will discuss remote or digital solutions for you where possible. If the clinician has confirmed that you have an audiological need to attend the clinic then you will be screened through our triage form process. 

In order to treat any hearing issue at the practice, we are required to triage all patients (including existing ones) before booking an appointment. Once you have completed the triage form, we will get in touch to arrange your appointment. 

Complete the triage form here

Our safety procedures include: 

  • A 1 hour space between all appointments (usually 30 mins) to minimise the risk of patients coming into contact with others. 
  • Thorough disinfection of the clinic between each patient. 
  • Robust hand washing procedures before and after procedures.
  • Clinicians will be wearing full PPE including a fluid-resistant face mask, disposable aprons and gloves.
  • Disposable instruments and consumables. 
  • Social distancing and minimising of contact where possible during procedures. 

What we need you to do: 

If your appointment is in the clinic we need you to adhere to the following procedures to help keep yourself and others safe. 

  • You will need to pay for your treatment in full before your appointment by calling us on 01492 540000. If you are having ear wax removal treatment and no wax is found then a partial refund will be given. If you are unable to pay over the phone then cash can be accepted via a secure box at the clinic. 
  • We would prefer patients to attend appointments alone to minimise risk, however we know that is not always possible. If you need someone to attend the appointment with you then we ask that you let us know beforehand. 
  • You will need to arrive on time at the allocated appointment time. If you arrive early, you will be required to wait outside the clinic until you are called in. There is also parking available outside of the clinic for you to wait in your car if necessary.
  • When entering the premises you will be given some hand-sanitiser to thoroughly clean your hands. We ask that you avoid touching surfaces throughout your visit where possible.  
  • You will be provided with a fluid-resistant disposable face mask but please bring your own if you have one. If at any point you need to cough or sneeze, please warn the clinician or sneeze into your elbow. 
  • We ask that you refrain from speaking during the treatment unless necessary, especially when within the 2 metre distance. 
  • Your clinician will explain the treatment procedure to you and help you to feel at ease so please let them know if there is anything you don’t understand.
  • Following your treatment we ask that you wash your hands before leaving or use the hand-sanitiser. 

Colwyn Bay Hearing Practice reserves the right to refuse any appointment if they deem it unsafe for themselves or for you the patient.

We look forward to welcoming you to Colwyn Bay Hearing Practice.  If you have any questions please get in touch with us on 01492 540000.