One of the most important daily routines for your hearing aids is cleaning and maintaining them to help ensure trouble free hearing.

The ear can can be a hostile place for hearing aids as it can become a very warm and humid place especially while wearing hearing aids. Our ear canals have wax glands and hairs and we also get a new set of skin inside our ears every year so plenty of opportunity for your hearing aids to get blocked by the oils, grease and ear wax so keeping the sound outlets clean and clear of matter is vital to the performance of your hearing aids.

Cleaning RIC Style hearing Aids

The majority of hearing aids sold in the UK are of the Receiver-in-the-Canal type (RIC) where they have a wire going form the hearing aid body with a receiver with a dome or custom made ear tip/mould that is inserted into the ear. The cleaning is relatively straight forward as attention to wiping the dome or custom tip then brushing the wax guard ( remove the dome first if you have that type)

Cleaning All In The Ear Style Hearing Aids

Cleaning BTE With Earmould Style Hearing Aids

There is of course the traditional behind-The-Ear style mostly fitted by the NHS or when fitting profound hearing losses, with this type the tubing can get hard and will need changing they are also very prone to moisture/condensation build up in the tubing as well as the usual wax blockages in the sound outlet.