Why is it important to TRY your hearing aid first?

Hearing aids are micro computers that talk to each so they produce a 3D soundscape of the environment your in. If you wish, they will talk to your mobile phone and have location technology so they can automatically tell if you are in your favourite restaurant and react in a way that is right for that particular environment. 

Your hearing aids are programmed so the complex processing and algorithm is invisible and works seamlessly for you. Also no more changing batteries as the hearing aids recharge for you overnight and turn off and on automatically. 

But that’s just the beginning. For most of us coming to terms with a hearing loss is tough and can have a psychological impact and most of us accept the need for a hearing aid somewhat later than we should. 

Most of us are conscious about the visibility of hearing aids so we always strive for the most discreet solution as we are aware of the stigma that can surround the use of hearing aids. As audiologists we understand this so we concentrate on the needs of the individual and the everyday communication problems that occur and you need to solve to carry on your life.

The hearing aid technology is an important part of solving your hearing requirements and issues surrounding it , but experience tells us that the relationship and trust between the audiologist and the patient is the most important thing of all. 

Our risk free hearing aids trials help your transition to getting used to hearing aids and to make sure the technology works for you, soIf you need help with your hearing loss come and see us at Colwyn Bay hearing Practice. We will find the right hearing solution for you, so if you’re not delighted by what we do for you, you can hand your hearing aids back and walk away – risk free.

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