6 Steps to Take Care of Your Ears

By April 4, 2021Blog
6 Steps to take care of your ears

Many people are affected by hearing loss and it’s not always possible to prevent it, but taking small steps to maintain your ear health could be beneficial for you in the future.

Here are 6 simple steps you can follow to keep your ears as healthy as possible. 

1. Turn the volume down

One of the best ways to reduce the chances of hearing loss is to avoid loud noise, whether that’s the TV, radio or sounds around the home. Not being able to hear what people are saying and needing to raise your voice to talk are signs that you need to turn down the volume.  

Any sound over 85 decibels can cause hearing loss (equivalent to a garden lawnmower) and frequent exposure to loud noise can have a lasting effect. Take care to protect your ears with ear protectors. There are also sound metre apps available to download onto your phone that can help you to measure the sound around you. 


2. Don’t put things inside your ears

It’s fine to clean the outside of your ears using a damp cloth or cotton wool but try not to clean the inside. Your ears are naturally self-cleaning so putting items in the ears can increase the risk of ear infections and damage.

Make sure ear plugs and in-ear headphones are cleaned before use. If you are worried that your ears may be blocked with wax, talk to a healthcare professional first. They may prescribe a softening solution or recommend microsuction ear wax removal.


3. Protect your ears at live events

It’s important that you protect your ears when out at a nightclub, live music gig or festival due to the high volume of music. 

Try to stay away from the speakers as this tends to be the loudest area and take a break to give your ears a rest as often as you can. Using hearing protection such as re-usable earplugs that don’t muffle the music but make it quieter and more comfortable for your ears. 

4. Be sensible when using personal headphones

One of the biggest risks to hearing loss is listening to loud music through your personal headphones. Small steps can make a big difference to avoid damaging your hearing.

You could choose headphones that use noise-cancelling technology that cancel out background sounds and ensure your ears feel comfortable.  It’s recommended that you don’t play music at higher than 60% volume and try not to use them for more than an hour at a time. Many smartphones now have built in sound limiters which means you know when you’ve got your music turned up too loud. 


5. Reduce your hearing risks at work

Every workplace is different, so if you are exposed to loud noise at work, ensure you speak with your manager or HR department about relevant regulations and processes. 

Ensure you’re provided with the right hearing protection and make sure you wear it. 

6. Get your hearing tested

If you’re concerned about your hearing or hearing loss, don’t ignore it, get in-touch with a hearing professional. Our experienced Audiologist at Colwyn Bay Hearing Practice can help to advise you on any hearing issue including hearing tests and examinations. 

You only get one pair of ears- take good care of them!


Written by Adrian Dowling

Audiologist and Owner of Colwyn Bay Hearing Practice.